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What are the subscription plans for Safes? And what are their differences?
What are the subscription plans for Safes? And what are their differences?

How many subscription plans are available for Safes? What features do they offer? How much they cost?

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Safes offers all the essential features for better protecting your child’s online safety in two different plans: Free and Premium.

Free Version

In the free version of Safes, the following features are offered:

Smart Screen (Daily): Monitor and limit your child's daily screen time.

Smart App Rules: Set rules for each app installed on your child's device.

Safe Search (Categorical): The safe search feature removes search results with inappropriate words based on our suggested categories.

Notifications: Get notified any time your child uninstalls an app or searches for an inappropriate word.

Premium Version

The Premium version includes all the Free plan features with additional features as listed below:

Multiple Device Monitoring: Connect and monitor up to 10 devices.

Geofence: Designate a specific parameter for your child and receive notifications if they cross over this area.

Location History: Get detailed information about all the locations your child has been to.

Smart Screen (Customizable): Customize your own screen time plan and apply it for each day of the week.

YouTube App Monitoring: Monitor and manage your child’s activity on YouTube.

Search Report: Receive a full report of the content searched by your child.

Safe Search (Customizable): Manually remove specific words from your child's search results.

Browsing Report: Get a detailed review of all the websites your child has visited.

Web Filter: Restrict your child's access to websites based on categories and customized URL exceptions.

Cost: The premium plan is available for $30 per year or $3 per month.

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