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Introducing Safes - Your All-in-One Parental Control Solution
Introducing Safes - Your All-in-One Parental Control Solution

Discover how parental control apps like Safes can help you keep your children safe online.

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Parenting has become a hard task for many. It didn't used to be this way twenty years ago. Parents believe that it has become increasingly harder for them to fully take care of their children in all aspects of their lives. A major reason is that the internet has taken over the world, and almost everything is turning digital. Phones, tablets, computers... it is very common to see people using any of these digital gadgets that require an internet connection. As the number of internet users increases, more and more issues could appear and make parents worry about their children.

What is it that worries parents when it comes to internet usage? The Internet could be among the trickiest tools humans have invented. It brings a lot of information and helps people get entertained, increase their knowledge, and create new things. But at the same time, it can cause a lot of damage of many kinds. Cyberbullying, fraud, inappropriate content, fake material, and unhealthy interactions are the least of the bad things that can happen on the internet. These threats can target anyone, regardless of age and gender. But there is something for sure, and that's children are among the most affected group of internet users.

Since children have an innocent nature and have a long way ahead to learn about life, they could be easily tricked into unhealthy habits created by bad actors on the internet. This is something no parents want in their child's life. Many experts have done a lot of studies and have concluded that there is more to do than just worrying about children while they're online. The best solution to keep children from harm needs to be catching up with the latest trends. One out of five children under 12 years of age is using a smartphone, and this can simply show how common applications and gadgets can be for every family. There are several challenges every family might face. These challenges are not hard to overcome, but they can be tricky sometimes.

Some of the major challenges every family could face nowadays regarding digital matters include:

1. Too much screen time: Children are using their phones almost all the time. When they wake up, when they go to bed, during the day, in their free time... This can also be worse in some cases in a way that they even sneak through their phones during school times. This can largely affect their learning and cause a decrease in concentration.

2. Lack of safety and security: The internet is so full of everything. From angels to devil protagonists and antagonists, you can see anyone and anything. There is no guarantee they won't hurt children and abuse their innocence. It is a major issue for parents to keep their children safe online.

3. Inappropriate content: Unfortunately, the internet could be full of inappropriate content. Adult, violent, or destructive content is everywhere and it can cause damage to children's mental health. So, it is absolutely crucial to gain control over the content that reaches children's phones.

4. Skipping classes: Many children and teenagers leave home to go to school, but sometimes some students might get sneaky and skip their classes. They might not make it to school on time and go out to play. This may threaten their well-being, so what is a parent to do in a situation like this?

Taking all these issues into consideration, experts decided to come up with a solution that can help improve the digital safety of children. This is how Safes was born.

Introducing Safes:

Safes is a brand-new parental control application, made exclusively for families with children. Safes provides different features for parents to better manage their children's digital lives. Using these features, parents can supervise their children's screen time, content viewing, online interactions, and app usage. They can also prevent children from using certain apps such as social apps during specific times of the day. This can help increase the quality of life and education.

Taking a deeper dive into Safes' features, we can see different aspects such as:

- Location Services: Helps parents get to know where their children are at the moment. Using GPS technology, parents are able to locate their children. Geofencing is another helpful option parents can use. This can help parents ensure their children's safety inside safe zones. They can also make sure their children made it to school safely.

- Smart App Rules: Children use different applications on their phones all the time. This can turn into a distraction that is harmful to children. Also, there might be some apps that are not inappropriate but too many of them could become problematic. Apps such as YouTube, social apps, and games are good, but not always. Smart App Rules is a feature that helps parents block or limit certain app usage. It can be applied to all the apps installed on a child's phone and it can be managed by their parents. Parents can also allow certain app usage so children can always use them.

- Smart Screen: How much time do children spend using their phones? An average teenager under 18 spends more than 7 hours a day on their phone. This is not supposed to be healthy or constructive. Aside from having health issues for children (such as lack of distraction, sleeping disorders, and screen addiction), it can also make children vulnerable to cyber threats or other issues. So, it's better to have some limitations on screen time. It can also affect their future if the footprint they leave on social media is not supervised.

- App Monitoring: What do children watch on YouTube? What do they comment? Who talks to them? Who do they text? What do they text? Who is calling on their phone? Who do they call? How can a parent make sure the content children view on YouTube is safe? What messages are sent or received on children's phones? App monitoring can answer all the questions. Parents can help children improve their communication and avoid unhealthy interactions and inappropriate content.

- Safe Search: Google contains billions and billions of searchable items. But no one can make sure these items are all safe or healthy. Drugs, Violence, Dating, Adult content… They can all be found on the internet and we all know they're not good for an underage kid. So, what the Safe Search feature does is filter and block specific content. At the same time, it can allow suitable content to be accessible to children. This feature contains a huge database, and almost everything children search for passes through the Safe Search Filter.

- Web Filter: Aside from the content, so many websites on the internet could be harmful. Malicious URLs and websites are a major source of trouble and they must be strictly supervised. The Web Filter feature on Safes is a powerful feature that monitors and blocks specific URLs and websites. It can also allow safe websites to be accessible to children. Restrictions are determined based on parents' preferences, and they can be flexible.

Using all of these Safes features enables parents to fully supervise their children's online activities. This application is user-friendly and easy to use. It doesn't need specific instructions and it isn't complicated. Safes is secure to use, and all the user data is kept safe. Families' privacy matters to the Safes team.

Safes is designed specifically for families to improve the relationship between parents and children. Instead of arguments and grudges between family members, Safes can help them avoid all difficulties and build healthy boundaries. Safes' limitations are built based on scientific research. They are designed in a way that children can enjoy the use of healthy internet content as well as avoid problematic content. This helps them stay safe and focused. Having a healthy family is an achievement that so many people want to have, and Safes makes it happen.

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