Turn app monitoring on or off

Turn the app monitoring feature on or off on kids’ devices.

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There is no doubt the internet is expanding every day, and it is advancing quickly. The never-ending growth poses a risk of being exposed to inappropriate content or behavior. This especially happens among inexperienced children. And What's worse for parents than worrying about their innocent children?

Safes' solution to achieve a healthy life

Experts have done numerous studies on students, concluding that supervising children's online activities can reduce unforeseen or existing problems. Based on their research, we created an app to help parents monitor their children's activities online. Safes is our production.

Safes offers different features and tools to improve the quality of digital lives among families. Using the latest technologies based on what families need, Safes can lead to a healthier lifestyle and prevent problems regarding cyber lives.

One of the key features Safes offers is App Monitoring Tool, or simply AMT. For example, parents can use this tool to see what goes on through the YouTube app on a child's device. And they can help their children develop healthy habits.

YouTube Monitoring; to Know What Kids See

YouTube is a big player. Millions of videos are shared on the platform, and millions of people can view them, regardless of the content they're looking for or the age of viewers. But there is no guarantee what they view is healthy. So, what's the best plan to help protect children from inappropriate content? Parents can use the App Monitoring Tool on Safes and supervise their children's activity. If they start watching an inappropriate video, parents get notified.

Social interactions happen very often through the YouTube comment section. They can potentially lead to unwanted or unsuitable experiences. So, it's best to prevent bad incidents before they become a disaster. Also, the content they post on social media can be harmful. It could even turn children into targets for criminals, cyberbullies, and people with bad intentions. Gain supervision over what children see, comment, and search for on YouTube.

Turn app monitoring on or off

To turn the app monitoring feature on or off on kids’ devices, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Go to “Features.”

  2. Open “App Monitoring.”

  3. Toggle on or off the “Content Monitoring.”

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