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Unblock a previously blocked content category
Unblock a previously blocked content category

Unblock a category of social content you previously blocked on App Monitoring.

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There is no doubt the internet is expanding every day, and it is advancing quickly. The never-ending growth poses a risk of being exposed to inappropriate content or behavior. This especially happens among inexperienced children. And What's worse for parents than worrying about their innocent children?

Safes' solution to achieve a healthy life

Experts have done numerous studies on students. As a result, we concluded that parental supervision of children's online activities can reduce unforeseen or existing problems. So, we created an application that could help parents monitor their children's activities online. Safes is our production.

Safes offers different features and tools to improve the quality of digital lives among families. Using the latest technologies based on what families need, Safes can lead to a healthier lifestyle and prevent problems regarding cyber lives.

One of the key features Safes offers is App Monitoring Tool, or simply AMT. For example, parents can use this tool to see what goes on through the YouTube app on a child's device. And they can manage ways to help their children develop healthy habits.

Filter children's searches with the App Monitoring tool. Block or allow certain keywords/items on YouTube so children will be Safes when they explore the platform. By adding exceptions, you can make sure children can access safe content on the platform. You can also block specific content to prevent children from watching harmful search results. You can monitor, filter, block, or allow certain YouTube interactions with the App Monitoring feature as well.

Unblock a previously blocked content category

To unblock a category of social content you previously blocked on App Monitoring, do the following steps:

  1. Go to “Features.”

  2. Open “App Monitoring.”

  3. Choose “Blocked Content.”

  4. Toggle off the category you want to unblock.

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