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Remote Wi-Fi / Mobile data control
Remote Wi-Fi / Mobile data control

Learn if you can control Wi-Fi / Data usage of your child remotely.

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Safes Parental Control App is highly regarded among parents as a practical tool for safeguarding their children's digital lives. It serves as a reliable solution for various situations that demand a parent's attention and care. Safes offers a diverse range of features and possibilities that empower parents to effectively nurture their children's online experiences. These meticulously designed features have been thoroughly tested by Safes experts and proven to assist parents effectively.

Let's delve into a more comprehensive understanding of these remarkable features.

Safe Search: The Safe Search feature empowers parents to regulate specific keywords that their children search for. By identifying inappropriate words and blocking them, parents can prevent the exposure of their children to harmful content. Conversely, if a keyword is deemed suitable and harmless, parents can choose to always allow it.

Web Filter: The vast expanse of the internet harbors numerous websites that may contain inappropriate content for children. These websites can be easily accessed, often without any control measures. However, Safes' Web Filter provides parents with the ability to choose from predefined categories or manually block websites that are deemed unsuitable. Additionally, parents can selectively allow access to websites that are deemed appropriate for their children.

Smart Screen: Excessive screen time is a concern for many parents, as it can lead to issues such as sleep disorders and diminished concentration during school or study time. Smart Screen alleviates these worries by allowing parents to set specific screen time limits for their children. This feature assists in cultivating healthy digital habits and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Location Services: To ensure the safety of their children, parents can utilize the Location Services feature to keep track of their whereabouts. This functionality enables parents to monitor their children's location, granting them peace of mind.

App Monitoring: Maintaining a safe environment for children while they interact with individuals beyond the family circle is paramount. App Monitoring provides parents with the means to oversee their children's social interactions on platforms such as YouTube, as well as monitor their calls and SMS exchanges.

Smart App Rules: Some applications can be beneficial, while others may prove distracting or addictive for children. To address this concern, Safes' Smart App Rules feature empowers parents to set limits, block access, and effectively manage the usage of such apps. This functionality ensures a balanced and healthy digital experience for children.

These aforementioned features provide a concise summary of what Safes has to offer. It is worth noting that many individuals have inquired about whether the app allows control over Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, or Hotspot usage remotely.

Currently, Safes does not provide the capability to monitor or control Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, or Hotspot usage. If you wish to track the usage of these services, it is recommended to contact your service provider or manually monitor the settings of your router or modem. Additionally, if there are specific applications that necessitate an internet connection and you are concerned about your children's usage, you can employ the Smart App Rules feature to block access to those apps.

Remember, fostering trust and mutual respect within families can go a long way in resolving many of the challenges faced in today's digital landscape.

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