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Remote GPS control

See if it is possible to turn GPS on/off remotely.

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Safes is a high-quality parental control app designed for families, to ensure their online safety. Looking deeply into past recent years, experts have noticed that children are facing a lot of problems due to the advancement of technology. Cyberbullies, inappropriate content, fraudsters, and people with anonymous identities are out there and they're willing to abuse teenagers and children financially, verbally, or mentally. Safes is created because technology has made it easy to think of ways to protect children from online threats.

Safes comes with different features. some of these features include:

  • App Monitoring

  • Smart App Rules

  • Smart Screen

  • Safe Search

  • Web Filter

  • Location Services

The latter is to offer a GPS-based locating service that helps families find the location of their children ensuring their safety. This feature works almost completely accurately, and it's reliable for those who have concerns about their children's whereabouts.

One thing we should always keep in mind: The location on children's phones must be ON. Whether you ask them to turn it on, or they feel responsible about family concerns, it is important to fully enjoy the features, you keep the GPS on, all the time.

Now it has come to our attention that some parents want to know if they can remotely turn GPS ON/OFF on their children's devices using Safes application.

Here's the answer to this question: Not yet.

Safes don't offer to remotely control access to GPS or Wi-Fi connection. But it is not to say we don't consider it. There are plans to add remote access to the mentioned services, but until then, parents can manage to build healthy relationships to ask their children to keep their GPS on.

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