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Internet connection control

See if it is possible to control internet connection on kid's device remotely.

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Safes' parental solution has made it a successful app to manage and monitor children's online activities. It offers different features and options to control online activities, and these features are:

  • Smart App Rules

  • Smart Screen

  • App Monitoring

  • Web Filter

  • Safe Search

  • Location Services

Each of these features functions differently yet is integrated with each other, to maintain a healthy environment regarding children's cyber lives. These features are designed to control app usage, manage screen time habits among children, monitor the content of social interactions, Filter and block inappropriate results on search engines, and locate children on the map ensuring their safety.

We have to keep in mind that these features are all internet based and only work if there is a stable internet connection to have full access to all the options.

I have been supporting customers and users lately, and it has come to my attention that so many parents want to know if they can remotely cut internet access off, whether it's a Wi-Fi connection, mobile data, or even a hotspot access.

As of now, Safes products don't offer ways to cut the internet connection on Kid's devices. Even though it is considered to add such a facility to Safes apps, right now users can use other forms of monitoring, such as limiting the apps that have access to the internet or blocking websites that are much of a distraction.

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