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learn how to sign up to Safes School Basic.

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Safes School is a multi-purpose application that is designed to monitor, manage and limit certain online activities among students. There are different options that Safes School provides. App usage statistics, Screen time, Safe Search, and Web Filter, are among the options Safes School offers.

To start using Safes School, users need to sign up first. In this article, I'm going to explain the sign-up process, so please follow this article to the end.

Let’s start by creating an account on Safes School before choosing the plan.

  1. Open Safes Website and go to Safes School.

  2. Choose email or phone to start the signing up process.

  3. Enter your email/Phone

  4. Choose your home country

  5. Enter your phone number based on your country

  6. Agree to Parental Privacy Policy

  7. Click continue.

  1. On the follow-up page, you will have to enter your verification code.

  2. Check your email inbox and use the code to proceed to the next step.

  3. You need to set a password for your account. This is an optional step.

  4. Next, you should enter a PIN code for your account.

When it comes to setting up a password, it's good to know that this step is optional, but NOT recommended (for security reasons.)

Choose your Password and PIN in a way that is hard to guess.

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