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Safes School Basic (and Advanced) School Information
Safes School Basic (and Advanced) School Information

Learn how to provide information for your school on Safes School Basic and Advances.

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Safes School is an application designed to help schools manage and monitor students' online activity during school time. Safes School brings order into classes and offers peace of mind to educators and parents. Safes School enables people in charge to have an eye on students' search results, screen time, and app usage, to maintain discipline at school.

After taking the primary steps of signing up and setting up an account, you need to provide the school information to start using the plans. Follow the steps below to add the information for your school.

  1. Enter the school name.

  2. Choose your school grade.

  3. Upload your school logo. This step is optional.

  4. Click continue after you’re done.

On the new screen, you will have to provide more information about your school.

  1. Select your country.

  2. Select a province/ state where your school is.

  3. Enter the city name.

  4. Select your time zone.

  5. Enter your phone number according to your city.

  6. Enter your address correctly.

  7. Select the school location on the map.

The next step, is to arrange school timing.

  1. Select the days the school is open.

  2. Select the hours the school is open.

  3. Click Submit.

After setting up the school account is done, you will be guided to a screen that requires you to choose your school plan.

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