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Learn how to add a device to Safes School Basic panel

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Safes School is an application created exclusively for schools and educational environments. School managers and parents can use the Safes School application to ensure their children have a safe digital life inside and outside the school. Using different features and options, Safes School is able to monitor, limit, and manage mobile device usage at school. It can filter students' access to certain websites to prevent unhealthy interactions.

You need to be able to mount your devices on Safes School to start using its rules, so in this article, I will explain how.

Devices On Safes School Basic

Devices need to pair with Safes School Basic to be monitored. To pair them, they need to have Safes Kids installed on them. So they can use the pairing code generated by the Safes School Basic panel.

In this tab, you can add the student devices and assign rules to them. To add a new device, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Devices tab.
    Here you can see a list of devices you have previously added. Along with the devices, you can see their latest activity, their operating systems, and actions you can take (deleting and editing.) If you haven't added any devices before, the list is going to be empty. This is usually true for the people who are using Safes School for the first time.

  2. Click on Add New Device if you want to pair a device with the panel.
    As you click on this button, a slide menu will appear from the right side of the page that includes a pairing code. Make sure you read the instructions to pair the device. The students can also download the Safes Kids app using the link provided on the panel.

After that, the device owner needs to put the code into their Safes Kids app. After pairing, the device name will appear on a list on the Safes School app. After adding different devices, you can edit or delete them by clicking on the Pencil/Trash icon.

Remember: You can add as many devices as you want, there are no limitations.

On the devices tab, there are other sets of information available.

On top of the page, you can see all the different operating systems on the panel.

This information helps you better manage the devices at school.

If you have more questions regarding devices on Safes School Basic, do not hesitate to contact Customer Support.

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