Safes School Advanced: Classes

Learn how to create a class on Safes School Advanced panel.

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Welcome to the Safes School Advanced user manual. Safes School is a purpose-built solution for educational institutions to manage student attendance, monitor device usage, and oversee online activities. It aims to be the ultimate answer to the concerns of authorities and parents. This application seamlessly integrates with the Safes Kids app, eliminating the need for additional student device configurations. With an intuitive interface that doesn't demand complex instructions, Safes School is easy to install and work with.


In Safes School Advanced, you can add different classes to your panel. These classes will be filled with students' rules and devices. Each class can include many students along with the devices assigned to them.

To add a new class, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Classes tab on the left side menu

  2. Click on Add classes

  3. Enter class name

  4. Select the grade

  5. Add a profile (optional)

  6. Add staff (optional)

  7. Define the timing for the class

  8. Choose an avatar for the class

  9. Click Continue

To edit or delete the items you have previously entered, you can click on the pencil/bin icon.

By clicking on the Info icon, you can see the class briefing.

The data regarding each section could be accessed on different tabs and also in reports. You can view the class information both on the classes tab and on the reports. There is also the possibility to edit the information on each class if necessary.

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