Safes School Advanced: Students

How can I create student records?

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Welcome to the Safes School Advanced user manual. In this manual, I’m going to show step-by-step how Safes School Advanced works. It’s not much different from Safes School Basic, there are only a few extra tabs, which will be instructed clearly here.

The students’ tab is the new part added to Safes School Advanced. Here you can add, remove, and edit different sets of data regarding your student's information.

To add a new student, follow these steps:

  1. Open Safes School Advanced and go to the Student’s tab

  2. Click on Add Student

There are two ways you can add student(s): Individually or as a Group (CSV file, a bulk of students)

If you want to add students one by one,

  1. Click on the “Enroll Individually” option

  2. Choose the class you want to assign the students to

  3. Choose the devices you have added to assign them to the student

  4. Click "Assign"

After that, you will have to enter student information.

  1. Enter their first name

  2. Enter their last name

  3. Choose their gender

  4. Choose an avatar for the student or upload your desired pic.

  5. Enter their phone number

  6. Enter their email address

  7. Enter their date of birth

  8. Select the school location on the map

  9. Enter parent name

  10. Enter their relation

  11. Enter the parent's phone number

  12. Enter the parent's email address

  13. After all these steps, press Done.

Or if you want to add a large number of students, you can use a CSV file, and edit student information later.

  1. Choose a class for your students.

  2. Click "Assign"

  3. Upload your file to import your student data.

  4. If you do not have a CSV template in the first place you can download ours by clicking on "Download Template" and filling in your data for each class.

  5. After uploading the file click "Import"

  6. Click "Done"

Now you are set up! Hope this guide has helped you to easily create or add student records to your Safes School account.

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