Safes School Advanced: Staff
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Staff is a part of Safes School Advanced which allows school management to add viewers and admins to the panel so they can help school management.

To add new staff to the panel, please follow the steps below

  1. Opens Safes School Panel and click on Add Staff

  2. On the slide menu, add the student's full name (first and last name)

  3. Determine their access level

  4. Choose the class they have access too

  5. Choose their position (e.g., Teacher)

  6. Enter their email address

  7. Enter their phone number

  8. Press “Add”

An email is sent to the staff in question, and they will be able to join the panel.

Staff can help the school team to manage classes better. They can either be a viewer who can only view student information, or an admin, who can view and edit each student's information on the Safes School panel.

You can choose among teachers, tutors, school teams, and even parents to be a part of the staff.

If you want more information about how Safes Feature, make sure you follow other Safes School articles on our Help Center.

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