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Safes School is a purpose-built solution for educational institutions to manage student attendance, monitor device usage, and oversee online activities. It aims to be the ultimate answer to the concerns of authorities and parents. This application seamlessly integrates with the Safes Kids app, eliminating the need for additional student device configurations. With an intuitive interface that doesn't demand complex instructions, Safes School is easy to install and work with.


Reports on Safes School are probably the most important feature. They give the school management detailed information about everything that has happened at school. They show the functionality of each app and they help the school management see how each part actually works.

These reports are especially important because they help the authorities figure out ways to better manage and monitor the device activity at school.

As you click on the Reports tab, you can see different sections. Each section includes different sets of data. Let's dive in to see what each section is about.

The first section of Basic Reports shows the "Total School Screen Time." It demonstrates how much each device (and its OS) has been used throughout the day. It also includes separate screen time for each device and gives the user The longest Screen Time statistical data.

The next section indicates web activity on Safes School Basic. On the left, the admin can see the most visited websites and the number of times that specific website has been visited. If the device owner has searched for a blocked website, the reporting system will notice and report that on the console.

On the left, the admin can see the number of keywords each device has searched for. They can also see if the devices have searched for a blocked keyword, and it provides analytics for the data.

The last section in Basic Reports shows the most used apps. The admin can see the apps with the highest usage at school, and their usage duration. The report is in real-time and refreshes at any moment. Based on these reports, the school management can determine how to set rules to monitor the devices.

If there are questions regarding the Safes School Basic Reports panel, feel free to contact Customer Support.

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