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Learn how to add staff to Safes School web panel.

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Safes School is a purpose-built solution for educational institutions to manage student attendance, monitor device usage, and oversee online activities. It aims to be the ultimate answer to the concerns of authorities and parents. This application seamlessly integrates with the Safes Kids app, eliminating the need for additional student device configurations. With an intuitive interface that doesn't demand complex instructions, Safes School is easy to install and work with.


Schools can now add the staff to the Safes School web panel. The Staff can help manage or monitor the classes with the school authorities. This helps improve the monitoring and management quality and increases safety and security for the students. I have provided the step-by-step instructions to add staff to the Safe School web panel.

Step-by-step user manual to add staff

To add staff to the school panel, follow the steps below (also demonstrated in the pictures)

  1. Open the Safes School Advanced console and click “Staff.”

  2. Click on “Add Staff”

A slide menu on the right requires you to add staff info.

  1. Enter the staff’s full name.

  2. Determine their access level (admin or viewer).

  3. Choose the class they can have access to.

  4. Set their position (teacher, for example).

  5. Provide the staff email (so they can receive invitation mail).

  6. Add their phone number.

  7. After you’re done, press “Add” and “Done.”

Make sure you enter the staff information correctly.

The staff in question will receive an email containing the invitation link. As long as they haven’t approved the invitation, their status on the panel will be marked as “Pending.”. If they agree on the invitation, that will be kept as “Activated.” Finally, if the invitation is timed out, it will be marked as “Expired.”

Schools can remove the staff from the list if they no longer participate in administration or viewing the classes.

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