Safes School Advanced: Profiles

Learn how you can use profiles to set rules and limits on students' devices in each classroom.

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Safes School is a purpose-built solution for educational institutions to manage student attendance, monitor device usage, and oversee online activities. It aims to be the ultimate answer to the concerns of authorities and parents. This application seamlessly integrates with the Safes Kids app, eliminating the need for additional student device configurations. With an intuitive interface that doesn't demand complex instructions, Safes School is easy to install and work with.


Profiles are sets of rules and safety measures for students. By creating a profile and assigning it to a classroom, you get to monitor and manage the following in that class.

Screen Time Limit

With Profiles, you get to set different screen time limits for different times of the day. These limits include a start time, an end time, and a usage time limit that is applied during that time. You can set an identical limit for every day or customize it for each day of the week. During your set timespan, students cannot exceed your chosen usage time limit.

Smart App Rules

Using Smart App Rules, you unlock the ability to monitor and manage each application individually. This feature lets you block unsuitable apps, exempt harmless apps from screen time limits, or set separate time limits for each application.

Safe Search

Safe Search empowers you to block search results with potentially inappropriate keywords. You can use premade, ever-expanding keyword categories or handpick them yourself. Also, if a category blocks a keyword that you find harmless, you can add it as an exception. This way, you won't have to sacrifice customization for safety.

Web Filter

With Web Filter, you can remove access to potentially inappropriate websites and URLs. It enables you to use preselected, ever-expanding website categories or handpick them manually. Also, if a category blocks a website harmless, you can add it as an exception.

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