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Safes School is a web-based application made by a group of experts, only to help educators and School management create better environments for students and children using their mobile devices. Safes School which is offered in two different plans, offers various features and functionalities, and it enables authorities at the school to monitor, manage, and control digital activities among students.

Safes School offers a powerful reporting system that helps the school management know more about all the digital activity taking place at school. Let's dive deep into reports to learn more about how it functions.


Reports on Safes School Advanced contain huge parts of information. Each section in Safes School Reports indicates multiple parts and they provide the users with functionality of rules, devices, and student activities.

Th first section to see on Reports is the total number of students and devices in all grades and classes. You can sort the data to view them for classes and grades individually.

The next section on the Reports tab shows the students' attendance. You can see the bars indicating present students and latecomers. They check in using GPS data stepping into the school's Geofence.

The next section is dedicated to students' web activity. The school management can see the total amount of keywords and websites students have searched for. The school can also monitor the students so if they search for a blocked item, the school will be notified.

Note that these sets of information are generated based on the rules school management set on profiles.

On "Most used apps", the admin can see the highly used apps list. When an application is used more than the others, it goes on top of the list. The report is based on app usage in each class.

Not only admins can see the app usage chart in reports, they can also see the total screen time for each class. The screen time shows how much each class has spent working on phones.

These details are also available for each student individually

Along with device-based reports, students' attendance status is monitored and reported on Advanced Reports. The data provided by the panels includes the students being present, absent, or late on a daily basis. The data can be sorted according to classes or grades.

Another important section on reports is the students' information section. You can view or edit all the information for each of the students. The information for each student includes:

  1. Their first and last name

  2. The class they are in

  3. Their phone number

  4. Their birth date

  5. The number of devices they have paired with the school.

Admin can also view, add, or edit student information on the students' tab.

There is also another device report part in Advanced Reports, that gives more details on each device's activities.

There are different sets of data you can view in this section:

  1. The most used devices

  2. The most used operating system

  3. The number of devices in each class (and their operating systems).

Using the records on each section enables the management to manage the school efficiently.

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