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Safes School is a web-based application made by a group of experts, only to help educators and School management create better environments for students and children using their mobile devices. Safes School which is offered in two different plans, offers various features and functionalities, and it enables authorities at the school to monitor, manage, and control digital activities among students.


In this article, I'm demonstrating the Alerts feature of Safes School Advanced, so that users will get to know what it does and how it works.

Alerts are to notify the management of school events. Every time an action takes place, a notification is sent to the school panel. For example, when a student is running low on battery, a notification will be shown on the alerts panel on Safes School Advanced.

If you go to the Safes School Advanced panel, you can click on the Alerts tab to access the full alerts page. This section gives you detailed notifications on school events.

There are different columns on the notifications list. As you can see, the items include:

  1. Device's name

  2. Student

  3. Class

  4. Activity on different rules (Web Filter. Safe Search, and Smart Screen Rules.)

There is a number under some columns as in the illustration, that indicates the even under each rule.

Users can also have quick access to notifications to see detailed alert information. By clicking on the bell icon on the top right of the panel.

By clicking on the "Show notifications" button, you can see a full list of notifications. By clicking the "Customize alerts" button, you can check the items you want to be notified about.

The Items you can get notifications for include:

  1. Safes Search

  2. Web Filter

  3. Smart Screen

  4. Battery Percentage

  5. Push Notifications

Note that the alerts are based on the school's preset rules and profiles, and the type of notification you receive might change.

If you have more questions, make sure you contact Safes Supports to get your issues resolved!

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