Safes School Advanced: Billing

Learn more about the billing process on Safes Schools Advanced.

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Safes School is a purpose-built solution for educational institutions to manage student attendance, monitor device usage, and oversee online activities. It aims to be the ultimate answer to the concerns of authorities and parents. This application seamlessly integrates with the Safes Kids app, eliminating the need for additional student device configurations. With an intuitive interface that doesn't demand complex instructions, Safes School is easy to install and work with.


Safes School Advanced is the version made for bigger schools and institutions. Unlike the Basic plan, the features offered by the Advanced plan cover more needs and functionalities. Thus, the final price for each price per year differs from the Basic plan. The pricing for the Advanced version is $19.99 per device per year. The features schools can use on this plan are:

  • Students (Add and manage students information)

  • Devices (Pair and monitor multiple devices)

  • Classes (Add, assign rules and profiles, and manage different classes)

  • Staff (Let the staff join for different positions to help manage the school)

As you click on the Billing tab on Safes School Advanced, you can see a list of your invoices as a PDF file. You can also see the following information:

  1. Plan Type (Basic or Advanced)

  2. Number of devices

  3. Start/ End date

  4. Amount (Total price)

  5. Actions (Helping you download your data.)

The Upgrade Plan button is unavailable here because Safes School currently doesn't offer higher plans.

You can cancel your plan if you decide to stop using Safes School. You will have to contact the Sales team to get directions. The plans renew automatically, so make sure you get directed properly by the team.

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