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Why App Monitoring feature doesn't work
Why App Monitoring feature doesn't work

Find out why the App Monitoring feature doesn't work for you.

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Safes is an innovative parental control application, created exclusively for families with children, to monitor their online activity. Safes focuses on digital well-being, children's online security, and safe web and device usage. It helps parents manage and monitor their children as they're using their devices. So they will be able to protect their children from harmful content on the internet and prevent excessive app usage.

As parents download the Safes app, they might face some issues regarding the App Monitoring feature. They might notice that they don't get reports on SMS and Calls, only for YouTube. It happens because of the download platform policies. For example: Apple or Google Play do not allow in-depth monitoring possibilities for applications such as Safes, for it might be considered an invasion of privacy. However, the Safes App is designed for children's security purposes, and it doesn't violate security standards by monitoring calls and SMS.

If you need these two features, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • To enable the SMS and Call monitoring feature on a child's Android device, you will have to download the Safes Kids app from the website. Safes Kids downloaded from Google Play only reports YouTube.

  • Safes Kids for iOS devices is only available on the App Store, and due to Apple policies, it doesn't report for the app monitoring feature at all.

  • Safes app for parents has the option for SMS, Calls, and YouTube reports. However, getting these reports depends on the child's app.

Safes constantly works to improve and offer better services. So make sure you give it a try and see the magic of online security for your beloved children!

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