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How To Uninstall Safes Kids
How To Uninstall Safes Kids

Follow these simple steps to uninstall Safes Kids on your child's device.

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Here are two ways to remove the Safes Kids application from your beloved child’s device:

The First Method (Child's Device)

  1. Start by opening the Safes Kids app on your child’s device.

  2. Once the app is open, navigate to the home page.

  3. Look for the settings icon, which is typically located at the top left of the screen, and select it.

  4. You will be prompted to enter your PIN code. This should be the same PIN code that you set up previously.

  5. After entering your PIN code, click on ‘Protected’ to change the device status to ‘Unprotected’.

  6. With the device now unprotected, you can proceed to uninstall the Safes Kids app.

The Second Method (Parent's Device)

  1. Go to the profile section of your Safe account.

  2. Click on Child Management.

  3. Find your child's profile and select it.

  4. Click on the three dots located on the right-hand side of your child's profile.

  5. Choose the "Delete Device" option.

  6. This will revoke all restrictions on your child's device, and you can now uninstall Safe Kids from their device.

Remember, each step must be followed in order to uninstall the app successfully. If you encounter any issues, refer back to this guide or contact the support team.

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