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How can I delete Safes Kids from my computer?
How can I delete Safes Kids from my computer?

Learn how to delete Safes Kids app from your computer.

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Safes is a brand-new parental control application, made exclusively for families with children. Safes provides different features for parents to better manage their children's digital lives. Using these features, parents can supervise their children's screen time, content viewing, online interactions, and app usage. They can also prevent children from using certain apps such as social apps during specific times of the day. This can help increase the quality of life and education.

Safes Kids is the companion app to Safes. Children will need to install Safes Kids on their devices, so they can pair their devices with their parents, and enjoy a healthier mobile usage experience.

Safes Kids is a cross-platform application, meaning that it can be installed on different operating systems. Windows, Android, iOS, and Chromebooks support Safes Kids. The installation and uninstallation of each operating system have a different flow. In this article, I'm going to show you how to uninstall Safes Kids from Windows.

Open the drives and go to Drive C.

Open Program Files (86x)

You will see the folder named "Safes". Open the folder.

There you you can see the Uninstaller for Safes.

Make sure you will contact the customer support, in case of any probable question!

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