All that parents and legal guardians need to ensure children's digital safety.

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See for yourself how Safes can help you safeguard your child's online safety.

Safes Overview

Learn more about parental control apps like Safes and why they are a necessity for every family and any responsible parent.

Introducing Safes - Your All-in-One Parental Control SolutionDiscover how parental control apps like Safes can help you keep your children safe online.

Getting Started

Learn how Safes operates from setting up the app for the first time to navigating through its features.

Setting up SafesLearn how to install and set up Safes on all supported platforms.3 articles
Location ServicesLearn how to navigate and work with Safes' location features through differnet scenarios6 articles
Smart ScreenLearn how to monitor and manage your child's screen time with Smart Screen.5 articles
Web FilterLearn how to filter inappropriate or harmful websites and URLs.6 articles
Safe SearchLearn how to monitor and manage the content your children search for on Google, Bing, and other popular search engines.6 articles
Smart App RulesLearn how to limit or block unsuitable or addictive apps while exempting the useful ones from any limits11 articles
App MonitoringProtect your child from bad language, bullying, and inappropriate interactions on phone calls, SMS and social media platforms like YouTube.6 articles


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